• A Friday Meditation

    "Activity and inertia try to overpower consciousness, but consciousness pulls the mind toward concentration and the mind is fit to begin meditation.  The mind begins to find some concentration, but is pulled back to the restless state due to former habits." --Baba Hari Dass

    "Atha" means Now. "Anusasanam" means exposition or explanation, and was used to signal the beginning of the study of a subject comprised of commonly held ideals or that had been previously taught. Meaning, we are re-teaching ourselves what we knew once before. The body, mind and spirit already know what to do, we have just forgotten over the years.

    In this moment between moments, what do you need to help you be present and open to learning? A focus on your breath? A visualization? Counting to ten? Just closing your eyes and feeling your feet on the floor?

    Where ever you are, begin. Today is the perfect day to start learning who are you. Take a moment and focus your energy on cultivating self-awareness, understanding, and peace within your body.

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