• Front Desk Staff

    30 Mar 2017 | admin
  • Front Desk Staff

  • Morgan LeClaire

    Morgan LeClaire grew up in the northern woods of Minnesota where her love of nature, silence, and adventurous play was nurtured.  Her interest in yoga and meditation began early and continued to grow over the years, resulting in an on-and-off practice that always left her wanting more.  In the summer of 2016, Morgan moved to California to pursue her Master’s degree in Drama Therapy.  Determined to use this time to manifest a myriad of positive changes, she dedicated herself to finding a job to fit her lifestyle-- one that would leave her stimulated and restored, rather than drained and cranky.  Through the magic of Craigslist, Grace Yoga emerged as an opportunity for self-discovery, community, and growth— and it’s the most smiley group of coworkers she’s ever had.

  • Tim Brosnan

    Photo and bio coming soon!

  • Susan Brown

    Susan Brown was born in Thailand, but grew up in the Midwest. She is a veteran of the United States Air Force, and proudly served in Desert Shield/Desert Storm. After serving a few years in the military, Susan coached competitive gymnastics for over 20 years. In 2003, she started taking yoga classes in the state of Washington where she found her love for yoga, and has been practicing ever since. Along with meditation, yoga has brought a deeper meaning and understanding of herself, life, and the universe. Susan is so excited to join the Grace Yoga community, and share the experiences this inspiring ancient practice brings.

  • Kimberly Carelli

    Kimberly Carelli was raised in Hawaii and California and enjoys going on adventures in both places, as well as spending time with family and friends. She married her high school sweetheart and together they raised two boys, two cats, and a dog. In her spare time she enjoys hula, long walks on the beach, hiking, yoga and meditation. Her passions in life have impacted her in a positive way, making her courageous, compassionate, and optimistic. With this opportunity to become a part of the Grace Yoga Team, she hopes to spread her Aloha spirit.

  • Kathy Cotchett

    Kathy Cotchett is an east coast transplant (born and raised in New Jersey) but has been blessed to call California home for many years now. Kathy has been practicing yoga for 20 years and can’t imagine her life without it.  It has played a huge part in her health, peace of mind, awareness, relationships, attitude & over-all wellness. No matter what life throws at her, her practice is something she can always count on. Kathy truly believes if everyone practiced yoga the world would be a better place and she's thrilled to be part of a community of like minded people at Grace Yoga.