• Grace Yoga Opening and COVID-19 Health Protocol

    At Grace Yoga we have always strived to maintain a clean and healthy place to practice yoga. Since the Shelter-in-Place began in March our doors have been closed to everyone. As some restrictions have been lifted, we have made the decision to open the studio to small groups for some classes. However, to continue to provide a clean and healthy place to practice yoga during this pandemic, we will need to put extra precautions in place for everyone’s safety.

    Please read the following carefully and know that we will do all we can to keep a safe environment and comply with all regulations.


    ¨ Grace Yoga staff will be responsible for self-assessment of their health status and will not come to work if they have a temperature, cough or are generally not feeling well.

    ¨ We ask that Grace Yoga students also do a self-assessment and plan to come to class only if you are free of any symptoms.

    ¨ Anyone with a known exposure should not come to the studio for at least two weeks.

    Masks/Social Distancing:

    ¨ Both staff and students will need to wear a mask while entering and exiting the studio.

    ¨ Staff will wear their masks continually while anyone is present in the lobby.

    ¨ Students will need to wear a mask to enter and leave the studio, while talking with your fellow students or moving around the studio. You may remove your ask only when you are on your mat and not engaged with staff or other students.

    ¨ The classes that will be accommodating students will be limited to 3-5 students depending on the teacher preference. The small numbers will allow for ample social distancing space. This number is subject to change as state and county health recommendations change.

    Class Registration and Payment:

    ¨ Students will need to register on-line for studio classes. Because of the limited space it will be necessary to cancel if you are not going to be able to attend. There will also be a continuing rotation of students that want to attend class so that all students can participate.

    ¨ Please make every effort to pay for your classes through the website.

    Studio Facilities:

    ¨ There will be hand sanitizer distributed throughout the studio and anti-bacterial soap in the bathrooms. Please use it generously.

    ¨ The class times have changed to allow ample time between classes to clean the floor and bathrooms.

    ¨ The studio props will NOT be available for use. Please bring your own if needed. All props used at Grace are available to borrow during this time. They will need to be taken home with you after each class