• Yoga Etiquette

  • Yoga Etiquette for Grace Yoga

    The Grace Yoga community continues to grow! We are grateful for the expanded support and want to continue to provide a sanctuary for all students. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the studio policies and general yoga etiquette.

    Remove shoes and leave them in the front room. Any other items and belongings should be left in the front room or in the prop room. Please do not keep them next to your mat in the studio. This ensures an uncluttered practice space and plenty of room for all students. Refrain from entering the practice room with keys and other noisy items

    Please do not bring your cell phone in to the practice area. If you need to send a text, check email, or make a phone call, please do so in the front room or in the prop room. Your phones should be left in either of those locations as well. Be sure your phone is silenced or turned off. If you have a smart watch, make sure it is on silent.

    Be Punctual and Considerate and make it a habit to arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to your class. By arriving early, you honor your space and practice by giving yourself time to wind down and be present before the start of the class.

    There is a 5-minute grace period for all classes There are circumstances that prevent early arrival. Please be kind and generous to those arriving within the 5-minute grace period. Move your mat a bit to make room and make others feel welcome to the space. 

    If you arrive later than 5 minutes for a class, it is the Grace Yoga Studio policy to not let you into class even if there is space. This allows students to have an uninterrupted practice.

     Minimize Conversation Make it a custom to fall silent as you pass through the yoga studio doors. Your practice begins as soon as you cross the threshold. Practice focusing inward as you arrive and set up. Refraining from unnecessary conversation will set you up for a beneficial practice

    Mind Hygiene Please be mindful that yoga is practiced in an intimate setting. To show respect to those around you wear clean clothes each time you practice and use a clean mat. Wearing some form of deodorant is recommended. Try to refrain from using cologne and perfumes before practice. Some yogis are highly sensitive and strong smells during a deep pranayama practice can be distracting.

    Make it a practice to stay for Savasana. This is an important part of your practice that yields the benefits of the work proceeding it. If you know you must leave early alert the instructor before class so they may signal to you an appropriate time to leave during a break.

    If you arrive early and there is a class still in session, please wait quietly in the front room until the door is opened by the current instructor. 

    Signing up for a class ahead of time (either online or by phone) reserves a spot for you in the class up to five minutes before the start of class. If you do not arrive five minutes early for class, your spot may be given to someone else. If you have not signed up ahead of time you are more than welcome to still come to class! However, please keep in mind that our class sizes are limited, due to student preference. If you show up and the class is full (maximum student capacity is 20 students) we will gladly sign you up for another class. To avoid this disappointment, please sign up for classes ahead of time and arrive five minutes early! 

    Please take the time after class to neatly replace all props. Leaving the prop room as you found it is a kind gesture for the next class.

    Please remember to always check in for your class! Even if you are sure the front desk staff knows your name, at least make eye contact with them! We try our best to catch you all as you go through, but even the best of us need a little help every now and again.