• Congratulations, Susan Bianucci!

    I am a San Francisco native that moved to Millbrae with my husband Frederick in the mid-1970's. I was very proud to serve on the Millbrae Oversight committee for Millbrae's new library. I am a long time member of the Friends of the Millbrae Library and current Board member. Active with the Bay Area Ridge Trail as a member and San Mateo County representative. Chair of the Swedish American Hall Library and Archives Committee in San Francisco. 

    I was looking for a small class size yoga studio at the recommendation of a doctor after being a care giver for three family members over three years that took a toll on my health. I was never interested in an indoor exercise facility having been an avid downhill skier, hiker, and competitive tennis player. 

    My first yoga class at Grace Yoga as I now look back, was interesting. I had my wrist watch on and after thirty minutes looked at my watch and said "what am I doing here?" At the end of the class as I walked back to my car I said, "well, that is one of the best things you have ever done for yourself." I never wore the watch again in class! It took me a few months to realize that practicing yoga is about you. I don't know how I could benefit both physically and mentally in any other form of exercise. 

    Now I work my schedule around classes as best as I can and encourage others to make a commitment to better health through yoga. Thank you Grace Yoga.

    Susan, thank you so much for your time and dedication to Grace Yoga. It has been such a treat to have you as part of the Grace Yoga family. - GY