• Congratulations Kathleen Kimura, MBE!   


    Kathleen has been steady with her practice since her start at Grace Yoga studio. She has since offered us a captivating presence, engaging conversation, and a soft, yet discernible enchanting scent. One of which has sparked many lively conversation amongst fellow students. Although often Kathleen's totes a full schedule, she still manages to find her way back to her mat. The Grace Yoga family applauds her unwavering faithfulness to her practice and we hope to see her continued growth along the way.

    Kathleen, How does it feel to be selected as Yogi Star this month?

    I am rather humbled at being selected as Yogi Star of the Month at Grace Yoga! I just enjoy being here and the benefits it gives me.
    How do you manage to incorporate a yoga practice into your busy lifestyle?
    Your schedule is fairly flexible so gives me choices of when I fit the class I need in.  Sometimes it's a challenge, but that's my fault!
    What additional benefits have you gained from your yoga practice?
    The additional benefits I have gained are walking taller and just feeling more energized.
    Do you have any helpful tips for fellow students to stay committed?
    Helpful tips to fellow students - just stick with it.  We are as good as we want to be; it takes time, probably a lifetime!  The benefits are worth the commitment.
    Kathleen, how long have you lived in the Bay Area?
    I have lived in Millbrae 37 years.  My husband and I have three grown children, and one grandson.  I have been involved in the Millbrae community for most of those years, and also in San Francisco where I serve on various non-profit boards within the Japanese, British and international communities.  I grew up and was educated in the UK.  My husband is from Japan.  We were married in San Francisco 45 years ago.