• Congratulations Maria (Marita) Marquez! 

    Maria is a beautiful soft light spirit. She brings that spirit with her wherever she goes. We are lucky to have such a kind, thoughtful and communicative student within our walls. We have seen such an incredible improvement in Marita since she started her practice. She is one of our Pranayama Meditation class regulars and her dedication is so inspiring. 

    Thank you for joining me for an interview Marita. Let us start off by talking about some of your favorite classes and how they have helped you thus far?  

    I came to Grace Yoga to find a way to manage my anxiety. I try to remember that patience is golden, but I am very tasked oriented and that keeps me tense. The guided meditation class has been a dream. Our meditation teacher, Anjlee Khatau, has a unique calmness to her voice. Her comforting command over the room calls you to seek a peaceful state. After each class I feel happy, loose, relaxed and balanced. I have been to meditation groups before, but they were much too large to feel connected and focused. Meditation is very familiar because I come from a country where yoga and meditation is a way of life.

    What lovely country are you from, Marita?

    I am originally from Cordoba, Argentina. I have been in the states for 23 years now and I am happy as can be. When I came to the states I found the love of my life. A wonderful Italian man named Bruno. We have been married for 18 years now. I have two sons from my previous marriage. My sons are 39 and 41 years of age and between the two of them I have four beautiful grand daughters. My grand daughters are age 18, 10, 8, and 2. I take what I learn at the studio and share it with them. I have taught them alternate nostril breathing (Nadi Shodhan Pranayama) and they try to teach me lotus pose. Ah, to be young and flexible.

    So, it sounds like you have practiced both asana and meditation before in Argentina. Why did you ever stop and what brought you back to your practice?

    I did yoga with the purpose of finding peace. For many years I was in a negative relationship with an alcoholic and abuser. Yoga simply did not work for me at that time. I had to first remove myself from that environment. Now, I am in a different space where I can work through things from the past through my practice. As long as I am able, I would much rather take an alternative route of healing through yoga and meditation. All the improvements I am seeing and the joy I am feeling - I blame yoga.

    I am delighted to know that you are finding relief through your practice. What is the most powerful lesson you have learned since revitalizing your practice?

    The powerful principal lesson is to be positive. My classes teach me to be positive. I come to class and I think positive. I read the newsletter and I think positive. Each day I think positive and it is getting easier and easier to remain with that thought. It's a very good thing for me to remember.

    Thank you for the lovely insight. We encourage you to keep moving forward in positivity. Watching you succeed and grow only inspires others to do the same. Keep surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals and your journey will be vast and beautiful. Namaste.