• Congrats Jessica Soriano!

    How do you manage to incorporate a yoga practice into your busy lifestyle?

    Many people who work at the  desk or behind a desk can do yoga poses when they're not in the studio. To "keep up" with my yoga practice I sneak in a few poses whether I am sitting on my chair staring at the computer (lotus pose) or on a conference call  (taking deep yogi breaths on mute) and/or doing a balance pose  (tree pose) when I'm inside a bathroom stall - hahaha... 

    You don't necessarily have to be in a yoga studio to do yoga. I have this mindset that if you really want to do something, you will make time. I do have a busy lifestyle but because yoga has become part of my life regimen, I make the time.   

    What additional benefits have you gained from your yoga practice that may not be offered in another form of exercise?

    One of yoga's many benefits is flexibility. As I am becoming more flexible, I am feeling less tired and have more energy. My posture is improving. I notice this, as I am getting stronger and more flexible. Before doing yoga, I did a lot of Latin dancing and swimming too. They are two excellent forms of exercises but do not give me the flexibility and good posture that yoga provides.   

    Do you have any helpful tips for fellow students to stay committed?

    For me, saying, "yes I am going to yoga today."  Also, reward yourself with some kind of vice. After a good workout, I sometimes treat myself to a cupcake or a slice (not a sliver) of a Princess cake. 

    Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your interests outside of the studio.

    Born and raised in the Bay Area. I am very close to my family especially my two younger brothers and only nephew. Every year my siblings, nephew and a few friends camp during the summer and go up to the mountains during the winter. I have been an RN for almost 15 years!  I currently work at Anthem (health insurance) and I am also an entrepreneur. I love food; though I am a pescaterian I am a "foodie" (it's not hard to be if you live in the Bay Area).  When I am not grazing or responding to emails, I enjoy reading the news online, listening to NPR (National Public Radio)  and/or dancing to the music from my iTunes.  I love to laugh and engage in stimulating conversations.  

    Some interesting facts about me: I rarely drink anything other than Kombucha.  When I am traveling overseas, I will ship several boxes of Kombucha to the country I am visiting.  If you see me in class I will have a bottle in my hand.  I have a miniature potbelly pig named Ube Leche. She is fluent in Spanish commands and she is a vegetarian. 


    Thank you for your dedication to your yoga practice. We hope that your yoga journey continues to inspire  and strengthen you. We have loved having you in the studio and we look forward to seeing you again soon. We wish you the very best in all your changes and growth. Namaste.