• April's Yoga Sutra

    We will begin exploring the yoga sutras of Patanjali--dedicating each month to a new sutra.  In this way, we will deepen our yoga practice and continue to bring yoga into all aspects of our lives.

    Sutra 1.1: Now begins an explanation of Yoga. ⠀

    Not later, not soon: now. If we wish to understand the principles of Yoga, our minds can't be bogged down in the past or fretting about the future.

    The original Sanskrit of this sutra is "atha yoganushasanam".

    "atha": now: this instant, this breath, this transition between moments

    "anushasana": the presentation of a discipline.

    The practice of yoga is just that: a continuing practice. It is learning how to recommit to every moment, a practice that emphasizes presence and attention. On the mat we practice finding ease, finding joy, finding what feels good. We bring this learning into the world with us--as we wait for the bus, in line, in traffic...we breathe.

    We are reminded in this first sutra to be in the now, to live in this moment that we have prepared for in every previous moment. In this moment of awareness and presence, we commit to deepening our practice of self-discovery.

    What does yoga mean to you? Reflect on this notion, maybe carving out some time to journal or let us know on our Facebook page what your yoga practice means to you.

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