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    We have a new Yoga Sutra!

    Yoga Sutra 1.31: Sorrow, despair, nervousness, and irregular breathing are the symptoms that accompany the distracted state of mind.

    When we dwell in pain and sorrow, we cannot concentrate in the present moment.

    We begin to despair when our desires are not fulfilled.

    The nervous restlessness that we feel in our minds flows through our bodies, resulting in involuntary movements.

    Gasping, sighing, and unusually long inhales and exhales are also indications of a distracted mind.

    In order to achieve a state of stability, we must learn to identify these symptoms, breaking through the distracted state of mind.


    How do you manage these symptoms in order to calm your mind in moments of distress? Let us know on our social media channels. Links are below.

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