• Congratulations, Anjlee Khatau!

    I discovered the practice of asana (yoga postures) and meditation on my path to heal from postpartum depression and anxiety. I never intended to teach! However, after completing my 200 yoga teacher training at Mount Madonna Institute I have never looked back. I have continued to learn as much as possible through continued teacher training and personal retreats. I currently teach two classes per week that include pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation at Grace Yoga.

    I became inspired by the ancient teachings and the practical, healing practice of yoga. In classical Ashtanga, or eight-limbed yoga, going inward and practicing meditation are essential. The quieting of the mind brings you closer to your higher, true, and most complete self. It's simple and profound! The experience can help a person feel whole. It's a beautiful, accessible philosophy to people from all backgrounds and beliefs. I am honored to be able to help others begin to find their inner peace by introducing meditation and breathing techniques.

    Meditation is useful for people regardless of their career path. Taking time to clear your mind every day is a habit that benefits your job or career. People regularly report feeling more focused and ready to problem solve after establishing a mediation practice. Moreover it has become a focus of many current scientific and medical studies worldwide. Major universities and medical research centers are using meditation to help with reducing anxiety and insomnia, improving immune system response and dealing with chronic pain, to name just a few. We are now seeing the ancient traditions of Ashtanga Yoga being used with proven benefits due to modern research methodology.

    Thank you, Anjlee, for your continued inspiration. Join Anjlee for Pranayama Stress Meditation every Tuesday and Friday at 11 am.