• Congratulations Danae Robinett!

    Grace Yoga (GY): This month we are focusing on Yoga Sutra 2.48: When posture is mastered there is a cessation of disturbances caused by dualities. What are your thoughts on this sutra?

    Danae Robinett (DR): Mastering a posture must never really be the goal, rather one can strive to feel freedom in the body, balance efficient use of effort + ease  and breath that remains full, spacious and steady are all signs a posture might be mastered; however there truly are so many checks + balances in any given posture—breath, form, alignment, muscular effort, even ego—when we soften the push + pull of the shape and simply surrender into it and BE, that is when the disturbances cease, if only for a moment.  
    The intention is to be in the present moment after-all...

    GY: Each month you teach a Restorative Yoga and Essential Oils Workshop here at Grace Yoga. More recently, you've been leading an Essential Oil Study group on the first Sunday of each month. How did you first become exposed to the benefits of essential oils, and how has it effected your yoga practice?

    DR: My first known memory of essential oils was at the time of my first massage, I was 19 and the room was enveloped in the aroma of Lavender. From there, I slowly started to explore the world of essential oils—peppermint to soothe digestive stress, citronella as bug repellant and lavender for yoga students (oddly enough I was never really a fan of Lavender).
    In fact, on more than one occasion, I experienced negative reactions to oils and I never understood why until I was introduced to dōTERRA. Quality + Purity are requisite, much like the Niyama—Saucha (cleanliness) it is absolutely vital oils come from a reliable source free of any adulteration.  I now know, the oils that gave me bad reactions (headache + vomiting) were due to the junk that was added to the bottle to fill it up.  Yuck, right!

    Ahh I adore plant magic, the plants have so much wisdom to share!
    Yoga + Oils work together so brilliantly honoring the whole body—physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually & energetically. I so enjoy sharing an essential oil experience in class, for it serves as a wonderful way to enhance the practice.  Our sense of smell is so powerful. Plus, the oils are fully customizable to the practice, whether I want to uplift & energize, boost focus, open airways, anchor & ground, or even support someone in pain & discomfort—as I like to say, “there is an oil for that." Personally, I love to use Frankincense in my diffuser as I practice.  And Spearmint + Grapefruit are my go-to duo for getting my morning started. I oil anoint daily as part of my self care rituals!

    GY: What is your personal philosophy about where yoga fits in along your path to self-realization?

    DR: Yoga is the most intimate relationship I can have with myself.
    The more time I spend on the mat, the more clarity I gain about what serves me and what doesn’t…
    I discover how to better manage my reactions.
    I learn how to feel steady, even when a storm is raging all around me.
    My breath signals when I need more room & space.
    In meditation, I experience greater patience + self-compassion.
    Yoga is humbling and forgiving, I am forever a student on the path.

    GY: Please tell us a little about yourself: career, family, background and anything else interesting you would like us to know.

    DR: I am a passionate yoga teacher for +13 years leading yoga retreats and working with private clients.
    I am an Auntie and a care-giver to my cancer warrior Father.
    Yoga is for everyONE as it truly meets you where you are, all you have to do is show up.  

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