• Congratulations Heidi Weinstein!

    Heidi simply oozes personality and presence. She has graced our studio for the past few months and has brought a fresh new outlook in to our yoga haven. Although her full hectic schedule tries to steer her away from her mat, her resolve keeps her coming back every time. She brings her vibrancy for life and humor into each practice.  

    Heidi committed to her practice on New Years. Two of her girlfriends talked her into attending a heart opener yoga class in Truckee, California, where she was convinced by the yoga instructor to find a sustainable and maintainable practice. She was on a search to find a convenient yoga studio to continue her practice, and she found Grace Yoga.  

    H: This place is a 'Gift from the Gods'. I get such positive feedback from my kids and husband when I tell them I am going to yoga. Sometimes I am so exhausted, but when I do the 'Toe Crunch' (Hero Pose w/ toe tuck) in class, the pain really fires me up. My practice helps me to release a lot of tension. 

    What are some of your immediate yoga goals for this year?

    H: Well, I told Jackie (McIntosh) I want to be able to do crow by December. 

    What changes have you seen in yourself since you started your practice? Both physically and mentally.

    H: I am a Breast Cancer survivor. I had to go through some reconstruction and in that I have been on a journey to accept my physical changes. I am totally capable physically but not yet mentally. I am still working on matching these two up. I have been in remission for 4 1/2 years and it has been 6 years since the tumor was discovered. My body is responding positively to the physical activity. Plus, the practice keeps me honest, center and grounded.  

    Did you do yoga during your treatment?

    H: No, I didn't. I would have but at the time my "mojo" was walking. I walked throughout my treatment. I loved hiking with my dog - my sidekick Rocco. He's a 10 year old chocolate lab. 

    What do you do when you are not in the studio?

    H: I am a personal chef and caterer. I provide home cooked meals to the food challenged, those individuals where meals are a priority but their schedules won't allow preparation. I cook healthy, thoughtful meals.

    How did you get into that career?

    H: Nepotism - I was really trying to act. Before becoming a personal chef I worked in the restaurant business. I helped to open several California Pizza Kitchen locations in Southern California.  My sister-in-law is a personal chef. I had the opportunity to fill in for her, who at the time was on maternity leave. After she returned to work the family decided to retain my services. From there I worked my way through the celebrity circuit in Los Angeles. 

    That sounds amazing and quite successful. What brought you to back to Millbrae of all places?

    We moved back to Millbrae four years ago to socially reinvent ourselves and to ground our family. We wanted to throw our kiddos in to the real world. We use to live on Two Clark Drive for a year and a half when I was pregnant with my youngest.

    Heidi is mother to two teen boys; Max (18) and Noah Jr. (16). Max was recently accepted to college and is Cal Berkeley bound. Noah Jr. who attends Mills High School, is being groomed by Heidi to be the next notable food critic. Her husband Perry is constantly on the move selling entertainment technology to some of the industry's network giants, NBC and ABC. He is also a wonderful songwriter and lyricist.

    Thank you Heidi for taking the time to sit down with me. We are so excited to see you progress towards your crow. We welcome your energy anytime in the studio. Namaste.