• Congratulations, Caro Yan!

    Grace Yoga (GY): This month, we're looking at yoga sutra 2.50: Pranayama involves the regulation of the exhalation, the inhalation, and the suspension of the breath. When regulated by space, time, and number, they become prolonged and subtle. How has paying attention to your breathing helped you stay grounded, both on and off your mat?

    Caro Yan (CY): Breath is a gift from God. I feel thankful for every single breath I can take and enjoy it while I practice. Constantly prolonging my breath makes me feel calm and helps to enhance my practice.  Concentrating on my breathing also helps to relieve the tightening of my muscles when it comes to my limit.


    GY: What is your personal reason for starting and continuing your yoga practice?

    CY: I started my practice at about twelve years ago when I was trying to get pregnant with my second child and I think it really helped. When we move to Millbrae I was busy and didn’t have time to exercise. That made me feel weak. About two years ago, I broke my leg and needed to rest for two months. After that I knew I had to do something to make my body stronger while aging. Luckily I found Grace Yoga Studio and have continued my practice since then.


    GY: Do you have any helpful tips for fellow students to stay committed?

    CY: I tried my best to practice yoga at least two or three times a week. Find a good yoga teacher, follow them, and get used to the flow with classmates. Yet don’t compare yourself to others—compare yourself to yesterday’s self, focus on your own body, and breathe.


    GY: Please tell us a little about yourself: career, family, background and anything else interesting you would like us to know.

    CY: I worked as a computer engineer and then as a teacher before my children were born. I like to read and cook for my family. I get a lot of benefits from coming to Grace Yoga several times a week. My health gets better and I get to go to the library, Trader Joe’s and Safeway, and other stores frequently to make me a good mom and wife for preparing fresh food and grocery shopping. And I found that I can endure longer flights without suffering from back pain recently when I took a 14-hour flight home. That’s amazing and can’t tell you how thankful I am to Dana.